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  • An illustrated tribute to Madonna, the Queen of Pop
    A feminist manifesto to all women When I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming an illustrator when watching the “making-of” of some of my favorite Disney cartoons. Those old videotapes quickly became my favorites and I knew that […]
  • Madonna made in Poland
    I met Mery Spolsky, a Polish musician and songwriter just before moving to Australia and I’m happy that my Master’s thesis “Madonna as a figure in culture and modern art(…)” inspired her in the making of this new, amazing album […]
  • Flaming Galah!
    A Flaming Galah is Australian slang for someone who is a bit of a doofus, a bit of a fool, a bit of a mentalist but nonetheless is a very loveable creature. They’re also the wonderful birds that you see […]
  • The Land of Cockatoos
    Jagoda, the name given to me by my family means blueberry in English. So, it was only natural that many of my inspirations would come from nature. I love colours and I’m sure they love me too. Being raised in […]
  • Women’s sexual fantasies, an illustrated look
    An illustrated look into women’s sexual fantasies The following five illustrations of women’s sexual fantasies relate to the real-life stories of Polish women who shared their accounts of abuse for the anti-slut shaming movement authored by Kamila Raczyńska-Chomyn and magazine […]