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Jagoda Jago | Illustrator & Designer

"I have fanstasies of group sex with many people" - Anonymous

Women’s sexual fantasies, an illustrated look

"I have fantasies of group sex with many people. About unrestrained sexuality, without jealousy or possessiveness" - Anonymous
“I have fantasies of group sex with many people. About unrestrained sexuality, without jealousy or possessiveness” – Anonymous

An illustrated look into women’s sexual fantasies

The following five illustrations of women’s sexual fantasies relate to the real-life stories of Polish women who shared their accounts of abuse for the anti-slut shaming movement authored by Kamila Raczyńska-Chomyn and magazine GrlsRoom. They are part of my master’s thesis with the Social Propaganda Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and illustrate an important social theme that is women’s sexuality.

The sexual fantasies were selected from an interview conducted by Marta Szarejko, a journalist from Elle Poland with a sexologist. They illustrate the biggest erotic fantasies of Polish women. These included, sex in a confessional, group sex with black men, masturbation, sex with another woman and BDSM.

  • sex in a confessional
  • group sex with black men
  • masturbation
  • sex with another woman
  • BDSM

Each of the illustrations is accompanied with quotes of equal importance from women’s accounts of their sexual fantasies. The quotes are presented in a way that resembles the look and feel of once popular telegrams. These served to relay messages of high importance and priority, the way in which a woman’s erotic fantasies should be treated.

  • "I love to pleasure myself. I lose control and scream in ecstasy" - Anonymous
  • "I love men's feet. I could look at them, touch them, kiss them all day" - Anonymous
  • "Losing consciousness, while being choked in bed is as pleasurable as it gets" - Anonymous
  • "Femininity excites me, I fantasise about tasting her, and other women" - Anonymous
  • "I have fanstasies of group sex with many people" - Anonymous

A subtle and natural aesthetic

The aesthetic behind the illustrations is intended to be subtle, the bodies natural. Each of the illustrations is delicate, showing women’s fantasies in a sensual way. Eroticism from a female perspective. The project isn’t designed to be provocative, shocking or scandalous, but intends to initiate open discussions about women and their experiences.

The magazine GrlsRoom says you shouldn’t make a woman feel ashamed of her sexuality if she isn’t ashamed of it herself. Women who are open and share their experiences are helping women to accept their bodies and desires. More importantly, they become more conscious and assertive in their relationships with men.

You shouldn’t make a woman ashamed of her sexuality if she isn’t ashamed it of herself


Sensuality from the perspective of a normal woman

The illustrations had the intention of being very sensual, which is why the bodies that are presented are natural. It was important for me to show the different faces of female fantasies. They’re not my personal accounts or experiences, but they’re being told from my perspective, the perspective of a young woman. This was important to give authenticity to the project, which was a very emotional journey and gave me the opportunity to see the various faces of femininity. 

The photos that I used to create these illustrations and compositions are my own and depict me. They were particularly helpful in creating a realistic picture of bodies. Using my own body, allowed me to show sensuality from the perspective of a normal woman. Not an idealized model or porn star. It was paramount to kindle the senses, without eliciting unwanted and unnecessary controversies.

we as women, after years of fighting, need to define what femininity means to us”


For this reason, the subject was presented delicately to ensure the illustrations were easily received and pleasant on the eye.  I want to initiate conversations among women, mums, daughters, grandmothers, aunts and girlfriends. In my opinion, we as women, after years of fighting, need to define what femininity means to us. We should rewrite her again, discover her again, because femininity has many faces.

Jagoda defending her Master's thesis.
Jagoda defending her Master’s thesis.

No place to judge

This sensual project is a fight to show eroticism through the senses and the joy it can carry.  It’s a joyous account of pleasure, how healthy it is to mutually appease it. This isn’t a place to judge people or their preferences, it’s a place to share adventures, fantasies and vulnerabilities. It’s important that women discover their femininity and talk about it openly. Only in this way will they be able to set boundaries, protect themselves from abuse and live their lives the way they want to.

What are your thoughts? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below.

This article was edited and translated into English by my loving husband, Adam Ambrożewicz. <3

Jagoda answering questions from the audience
Jagoda answering questions from the audience.

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