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Jagoda Jago | Illustrator & Designer

The Land of Cockatoos

Jagoda, the name given to me by my family means blueberry in English. So, it was only natural that many of my inspirations would come from nature. I love colours and I’m sure they love me too.

Being raised in a home full of animals helped me understand that they are the best possible companions. When I was a little girl I was obsessed with nature, especially animals that were impossible to find in Poland and dreamed about traveling the world to find them all. 

One day Adam told me that he’d arrange a huge cockatoo party when we’d go to see his family in Australia and from this moment the dream to see a cockatoo became my obsession. So you can’t even imagine how crazy and happy I was meeting more than 200 of them just chilling on the grass near Adam’s parents’ place. I cried, laughed and couldn’t stop shaking with excitement. 

That’s how my first day in Oz ended! 🙂

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